Sod Installation

Are you looking for lawn re-sodding or grass replacement because your grass has become overrun by weeds or turned brown? Or simply wanting to add a soft grassy area to your property? We can help.

Our sod installation practices are unparalleled in Ottawa.

Unlike some of our competitors, who simply roto-till the old turf then lay new sod, we have a very thorough 10 step process when laying new sod.

  1. Remove current sod or other materials, using a sod cutter
  2. Aerate the remaining native soil
  3. Add new, fresh topsoil from Greely Sand & Gravel
  4. Add peat-moss to help with water retention
  5. Add Scott’s New lawn Fertilizer to help stimulate new root growth
  6. Grade the soil for proper drainage away from the house
  7. Lay the new sod
  8. Make cuts in areas where needed
  9. Roll the sod to remove any air pockets that may be under the new sod
  10. Explain the proper watering schedule for your beautiful healthy new lawn

Our sod installation prices are one of the best in Ottawa.

The cost of $4 per square foot includes all the steps above AND labour!

The only additional charge is a delivery fee for the sod (approximately $150).

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All prices quoted include sod, screened topsoil, fertilizer, peat moss, installation, delivery, and taxes. They must be confirmed with a member of the Goodboy team. Call today to schedule a free consultation 613-558-8342


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